The Foundation is currently serving 386 active families. Active families are defined as a patient family that remains in active communication and/or participation in Foundation Family Activities. As of June 2018, we have added 24 new families this year alone. Since our inception we have helped nearly 650 families with emotional support or financial support, or both. 

From time to time families need additional emotional support to help work through some of the challenges they face. The Michael Hoefflin Foundation works with a licensed family therapist and will cover the expense of ten counseling sessions per family. This is not limited to the patient child, as often times a sibling, or parent of the patient has their own set of difficulties to work through when dealing with cancer in their family unit.  

Michael Hoefflin Foundation Kare Kits were first introduced in 2005 and since that time have grown to be a trademark of the Foundation. Kare Kit’s are the Foundation’s “Hug in a Bag” and are filled with necessities for an unexpected hospital stay, activities for kids and a warm lap blanket to snuggle with. The Foundation has distributed nearly 1,500 Kare Kits since the program began.  

The Michael Hoefflin Foundation understands that when a child in the family has been diagnosed with cancer, the effect of cancer reaches more than just that patient child. The whole family has a new routine to adjust to, emotional changes to process, and sometimes an adjusted family structure. With that in mind, the programs of the Foundation take in to consideration the entire immediate family, including mom and dad, and any siblings of the patient.

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